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FREE Place Mats


Are you currently paying for place mats to put on your tables to help keep your tables cleaner and more tidy for your customers and wait/bus staff?

If so, maybe you should consider putting that money in your pocket and letting ATD Marketing give you FREE place mats instead! Yes, you read right. ATD marketing would be happy to provide those place mats to you for FREE!

What is the catch, you ask? There is one. Nothing is truly FREE, some one has to pay for it, just not you! The catch for you is that you have to agree to place these mats on your tables as long as you have them and also agree to accept an amount of mats that we determine will last you approximately one year. These place mats will contain up to 22 business card sized ads for locally owned small businesses (for the 11" x 17" size, or up to 15 for the 8 1/2" x 14" size mats).

These mats will be printed in full color so they will fit in with your restaurant's decor. You also can tell us if there is a particular type of business or specific business you do not want presented on the mats. There will be no directly competing businesses on your restaurant's mats.

In addition to the FREE place mats you will get two advertising spaces on the 11" x 17" mats and one on the 8 1/2" x 14" mats at no cost. This allows you to put your logo, your phone number, and more right on the mat for your customers to see along with a QR code that can tell your story in more detail and offer coupons to reward your customers for their business.

To see a sample of an 8 1/2' x 14" mat - Click Here

To see a sample of an 11" x 17" mat - Click Here

This program costs you nothing to implement and if you are currently paying for place mats it will put that money back on your bottom line. I know you won't get rich because you save this money, but maybe it will help offset your phone bill or your electric bill or even allow you to take your spouse out for dinner on occasion.

What else do these mats do? Well, they are a business building program for the small, locally owned businesses in your community. While your patrons are waiting for thier food to arrive they will hae the opportunity to read these Attention keepers and hopefully they will shop at the businesses displaying their message ther. That is good the them and it is good for you as well.

When our local businesses are successful our communities thrive. When our local businesses are successful more people tend to go out to eat and that puts more people in your seats. I can also say with great confidene that the businesses that have their message on the Attention Keeper in your restaurant will patronize you more because they want to make sure their message is being displayed ant ehy appreciate your willingness to let them speak directly to your patrons while they partake of your good food and service.


Do You Use
Menus in Your Restaurant!?

Of course you do! Now we do not have a program to give you free in house menus (your customers do not spend enough time looking at the menu while inside your restaurant to be a valuable spot for ads); but we can print you high quality menus at a reasonable cost and even provide you with lamination or very nice menu covers that not only protect your menus but speak to the quality of your restaurant by giving a good impression of your place of business.

So, if you want or need quality menus for your restaurant ATD Marketing may be able to help. You don't have to be within a 60 mile radius of Danville, Illinois for us to provde you with menus as we don't have to physically sell advertising to pay for them.

Again, there is never an obligation; all we ask is that you have an open mind, listen to our program, ask the questions you need to make an informed decision then work with us or pass. The choice is always yours to make and we respect that choice even if it is no.Call Joe at 217-474-3971 to get the info you need to make an informed decision.

Do You Use Carry Out Menus?

Are you currently paying for carry out menus? If you are we may be able to provide these to you for FREE just like the place mats! Again, all you need to do is let us sell a few ads on them and we will give them to you for FREE. Take out menus are a valuable item for both you and your customers. It is a very common thing for restaurant take out menus to be placed on the refrigerator using a magnet (many times provided by another local business) where it is handy when your customer wishes to order take out or delivery from you and visible whenever a family member passes by or uses the refrigerator. If there is no cost to you for these little billboards and they also help promote other local businesses in your community everybody wins once again. Call Joe at 217-474-3971 if your restaurant is within a 60 mile radius of Danville, Illinois and let's talk.

Do You Have A VIP Program?

Do You Reward Your Customers For Their Loyalty? In this day of the Electronic Marketplace it is in your best interest to do what the big boys do and offer an electronic VIP Program that captures information about your customers, allows you to market to them at a very low cost and reward them for spending money with you more and more often. We can set up a VIP Program for you that captures your customers' name, e-mail address and any other information you may wish to collect for your benefit. Such as, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. which you can use to market to them and entice them to come in and spend more money in your establishment.

This program can allow you to send graphical e-mails to your VIP list with coupons and specials that only members of your VIP Club can receive. This can enhance your bottom line and create a sense of gratitude with your customers and lead to higher sales and better profits at a very reasonable cost. If your restaurant is located anywhere we can provide you with this program for as little as $50/mo. It does not take very many sales to pay for this one and it will set you apart from many of your competitors who do not employ a program like this. In this new mobile, electronic marketplace those who do not employ these tactics will fall behind those that do. So, to find out if this will work for you call Joe at 217-474-3971 and let's talk.