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Are You Looking to Have A Business of Your Own?

Have you always thought you would like to control your own destiny? Have you ever considered going into business for yourself? Have you hesitated doing so because you thought it would cost too much or be too complicated?

What if you could start a business without any investment (other than your time and effort)? What if you had a partner to help you along the way so you could hit the ground running and start making money right away? What if all you had to be able to do is talk to people and show them a program that is so simple even an untrained person could do it?

What if you could make $300-$500 in 15 minutes time? Would that interest you? If not you should stop reading right now and not waste any more of your time and go back to punching the time clock and taking home a predetermined paycheck.

ATD Marketing is looking for that rare person who wishes to live the American dream of making their own way in the world with no one to answer to except themselves (and the government, of course). If you can follow directions while working outside the box, talk to strangers about ideas and concepts that help businesses succeed, then I would like to speak with you.

Who Am I and What Do I have To Offer You?

My name is Joe Massey and I own ATD Marketing. I am a printer by trade, a salesman by necessity and an entreprenuer at heart. I have always found it hard to hold a regular job. Especially one that paid me a specific amount of money for an hour's work. It always seems that no matter how hard I work or how well I do my job i only get the hourly pittance and never a pat on the back telling me I am appreciated and that I am doing a good job. That bothers me.

It also seems as if the office politics are more important than the results and I hate office politics. It may be that I am just not good at playing that game. Or, maybe it is I hate that game and refuse to play it. Whatever the reason I always seem to end up throwing my hands up in the air and walking away from the job. At some point I realized this and decided that contrary to what I thought in college I really did want to be a footstep follower and be self employed like my Father was all his life.

I did not choose the same career, but I did choose to take charge of my life and provide for myself and my family by creating my own job. I chose to enter the trade of printing because I thought it was a trade that would always provide me with a steady stream of income and I enjoyed the creativity and challenges it provided. One thing I have learned over my 30+ years of self employment is that nothing happens until some one buys something. So, I also had to become a salesperson so that I could assure a steady stream of jobs to print.

Then along comes the desktop computer and everybody became a printer overnight! What a tremendous change this brought. The trade I so counted on to provide my livelihood nearly succumed to this new technology and I had to rethink my position. I made a lateral shift to designing web sites and brokering printing and ad specialties. I did not operate a printing press for several years. Instead, I honed my sales skills in the direct sales markets and sold everything from security systems to fire protection systems, replacement windows, siding, roofing, advertising, etc.. I even sold memberships in a national business organization.

All this entailed going door to door cold calling or putting on presentations before groups of people. To tell you the truth, I enjoy doing this. Especially when I can go into a strange business where I know nobody and in 15 to 20 munutes come out with a sale that nets me $200 or more! Crazy, I know!

Anyway, a couple of years ago I decided that I would like to run a printing press again. But printing is a mature business and it can be very hard to pull existing businesses away from the printer they are currently using due to the 'Who wants to start over' feelings that come with changing a vendor you have good history with. Now, if the business owner has had an issue with his printer it can be very easy to get him to switch; but that is the exception rather than the rule.

So, what did I do? I bought a printing press and all the support equipment anyway and took my sales skills to the street selling advertising to be printed on place mats (we now all them Attentin Keepers) that I provide free of charge to local restaurants. I have incorporated the new electronic/mobile technology into this old school program by utilizing QR codes to allow people to get more indepth information about the businesses marketing on the Attention Keepers.

Do You Enjoy Speaking With People Even If You Don't Know Them?

If you have the personality that will allow you to walk up to a stranger in a business setting and get an audience with the person who makes the decisions about marketing and purchasing I can show you how to make some pretty good money. Our Attention Keeper program is very simple and straight forward. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to succeed at this. Since I limit my personal selling territory to a 60 mile radius of my location I am looking for a person who can do what I do beyond that 60 mile circle I impose on myself.

Can you walk into a business, approach the first person see and say this: " Hi, my name is_______ and I own a small local business named_____ (while handing them a business card) and I am looking for three things today. A smiling face, which I have already found, an open mind and the proper person to talk business with, would that be you?"

If you can you can do this. It is that simple. If they say they are the person to speak with then you ask them if they have just 5-10 minutes that you could speak with them about a business building program you are offering, or if not at this time, could we schedule a time that would be more convenient? The goal being to speak with them at that time if at all possible. (You must be considerate of their time and if they are busy it would behoove you to schedule a time when they can set aside that 5-10 minutes for you) If they are not the person you need to speak with you just ask them to direct you to that person and start over.

The most valuable thing any business owner has is his time. He or she will give you the time you are asking for if you ask for it in the proper manner and show them you respect their time and need to take care of their business. Now, this is the very beginning of this process which also includes signing restaurants up to place the mats on their tables. We will get into that if you should choose to proceed.

However, Let's Now Talk About The Money!

Now, I know you are smart enough to understand that in order to make any money doing this you have to be able to sell advertising space on the place mats (Attention Keepers). Direct sales is WORK! It does not have to be hard work like digging ditches or laying bricks; but it is WORK! It has its own exhausting aspects and you have to be able to work through them in order to be successful.

We print two sizes of place mat. 11" x 17" and 8 1/2" x 14". The larger mat has a total of 25 3.25" x 2" spaces and the smaller one has 16 spaces of the same size.

On the larger mat we always give the restaurant two spaces for their information and on the smaller ones we give the restaurant one space. This leaves either 23 or 15 spaces to sell. I always recommend keeping one for yourself so now we are down to 22 and 14. All you have to do is fill up these spaces for the duraton and you are done. Pretty cool, at most you have to have 22 successes and you can take the rest of the year off.

The problem is you may have to visit with 200 businesses to get those 22 successes. That's a lot of NO'S to get the number of yes's required. This is the WORK part. Once you get a few yes' it starts to get easier to get more yes'. It is your persistence and ability to understand a no is not a personal rejection. It is just a way to get closer to the next yes! It is the nature of the beast but many people have given up too soon because they can't handle the no's.

So, how much money can you make for hearing so many no's? That depends on several factors, but let's just play what if for a moment. Assuming you sell each space for an average of $520 (just $10/week in the adverrtiser's mind) you can gross $11,400 for a single 11" x 17" place mat. With a little success you can do this in 3-4 weeks when just starting out and in 2 weeks after you get used to it.

What do you have to do to achieve this? Well, you first have to find a restaurant to put the mats in. (You don't make any money for doing this, but it is required if you wish to move to the next step) Once you have at least one restaurant you can begin selling the ads. This where you make money. If you can get multiple restaurants you can make more money, but you have to get that first one to even start. Now, you have a restaurant, you are selling ads. You must gather the information required for the ads, logo, address, phone number, web address, e-mail address, a line or two of sales copy and what they want behind their QR code.

Then, you have to get that information to us so we can set-up the ad and the QR presentation and get proofs back to you for approval. Once you have sold all the spaces and we have provided ad proofs and your clients have approved them we print the place mats, send them to you and you deliver them. That completes the process and if you want you can go get more restaurants and start over.

Let us assume your restaurant needs 50,000 place mats for a year's program. Your cost for 50,000 11" x 17" place mats printed in full color, including design and set-up will run $7500 + delivery costs. Let us assume it costs $300 to deliver them (it will probably cost less, but a higher estimate is better than one that is too low)

Your cost for everything will then be $7,800 and after deducting these costs your net profit will be $3,600 or $156 per ad. That is for just one restaurant and with any luck you can earn that in 10-15 business days. If you do that for 5 restaurants that would put $18,000 in your pocket and take you a little over two months to do. If you are able to do this every 3 months you will put $72,000 in your pocket for the year and be able to take about 4 months off during the year!

Now, $520 for a full color ad is dirt cheap! I would recommend a minimum of $1,000/yr. for an ad. This would almost double your profit without having to increase your efforts. I am currently selling ads for up to $1,600/yr. and that makes profitability much more likely. These figures depend on a lot of factors and I will be happy to assist you with this should you choose to work with me.

Have I Gotten Your Attention Yet?

So, now if you can work 5 days a week, sell less than one ad per day you can put over 6 figures in the bank and have 4 months to do whatever you wish to do! My theory is go out, visit at least 10 businesses per day and you stand a very good chance of earning over $100,000 after your expenses are paid.

If this interests you, then you should contact me today and let's get started. Call me at 217-474-3971 or e-mail me TODAY! Do not wait for something to get just right because nothing is ever JUST RIGHT! The time to do something is now because the opportunity will fade away if you wait. All you have to do is find the restaurant(s), sell the ads, gather the info, send it to us, get the proofs approved, collect the money and deliver the mats. It really is that easy. If you are willing to work you can live the American dream of being responsible for yourself and not depending on some one else to make you and your family more than comfortable. Contact me TODAY!

Thank you for your time,
My name is Joe Massey, I own ATD Marketing and I wish you Success In ALL You Do!

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